Weekly Running Report (8/31-9/6/2014)

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, but it’s been mostly uneventful. The week after I last posted, my legs were starting to feel really fatigued during my runs. This is probably due to a combination of factors, so I decided to take it easier just to be safe. After a couple of weeks of easier running, my legs have started to feel a bit improved, though I haven’t really given them a big test yet.

On Saturday, I did a 10K on the treadmill in my apartment. Though it was hot in there, it was much worse outside. Then on Sunday, the weather was great! I decided to take a break from all the football watching in the early evening and did runs on back-to-back days for the first time in forever. I felt really good outside. It was hardly noticeable that I had run the day before.

Now, racing season is upon us, but oddly, I haven’t signed up for anything yet. I have a team together for the Baltimore Relay, but one of our members is injured and we haven’t actually registered yet. I’m not sure what else I’ll do, but I’ll probably shoot for a half sometime in November. I might try Annapolis again, though I haven’t really searched to see if there are any other races I’d rather do.

Weekly Running Report (8/4-8/10/2014)

I had a good and busy week of running. I got some good speed training in on Wednesday and dropped my last 1/2 mile interval down under a 7:00/mile pace.

On Friday, I did a long run. My initial goal was 10 miles, but I didn’t feel too confident, so I said anywhere between 8-10 miles would be fine. As it turned out, I actually felt really good and finished 10 miles pretty easily. I kept a pretty slow pace, preferring distance to speed. Normally, I have a thing where I go up 2 ticks then down 1 tick and repeat. This time, I frequently went down more than 1 tick during the middle to keep my pace slow.

On Sunday, I went to Lake Elkhorn to test out some new running paths. It was great! The weather, however, was not. I ended up basically circling the lake once and then returning to my car, totally drenched in sweat. There are some nice paths that lead off the main loop around the lake, so I’ll look forward to exploring them later. Still, I did almost 23 miles for the week, which is the most I’ve done in some time.

Weekly Running Report (7/28-8/3/2014)

It was a pretty nice and light week of running. I was actually able to get outdoors twice. The first time was on Tuesday. The weather was nice so I decided to come home and run rather than hitting up the treadmill. My legs felt a little tired, so I took it somewhat easy. It wasn’t like Sunday where they felt sore, they just felt a little weak.

Thursday, I got on the treadmill for a nice long interval session. I was pretty happy with how things went. I was able to get up to 8.4 for my last 1/2 mile interval, which is just slower than 7:00/mile. Next time, I’d like to get under that.

Saturday, I had dreams of doing a nice 6 mile or so run, but I quickly abandoned the idea of doing anything too difficult when I stepped out the door. The weather was relatively cool, but the humidity was awful. I was able to predict exactly how my run would go:

I’d start off pretty strong because of the cool weather. I wouldn’t be too hot, so that would enable me to start strong. However, it wouldn’t take long before my body started to heat up, and when it did, my performance would drop quickly. The high humidity means that my sweat is unable to evaporate and keep me cool. Instead, it just rolls off me and I lose water without really being cooled at all.

And that was basically how I went. Even up to about 2.5 miles my heart rate was pretty good, but it got up really quickly after that. I guess I’m glad I lasted that long before my body started to fall apart. So that’s a minor win.

I’ve basically decided that running outdoors in weather like this is really a waste of my energy. When I hop on the treadmill, I can still go 7 miles without much of a problem and doing longer runs on the treadmill in a room that’s really cool has to be better for me in almost every way. I feel like it’s worth trying to get outdoors a little, just to keep those muscle groups strong, but the majority of my training should probably be done on a treadmill until things start to improve. Right now, we’re basically at the peak of awfulness. It’ll be about a month before I can start hoping for some cooler days.

Anyway, I’m set up nicely for a M/W/F/Su running schedule this weekend. One of my softball teams is done for a few weeks, which opens up Friday as a running day for me. It’s been nice to be so active the last few weeks, so I’ll miss having all those games, but it’ll also be nice to fit my running into my schedule a little more easily.

Weekly Running Report (7/12-7/27/2014)

It’s been a weird week for running. I had softball on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will have another game Monday. So my softball schedule is really getting in the way of my running!

I did really good interval training on Monday. I did 4.5 miles with 4 half mile intervals. My last interval got up to a 7:13/mile pace, so that was pretty good. I still feel like I could run a little faster, but I’m easing into it.

On Wednesday, I did a 9 mile run on the treadmill. It was quite a bit more difficult than the 8 miles I did the week before. Even the first 8 miles of this was more difficult than my 8 miles last week. I considered quitting early several times, but eventually pushed through to the end. It was a good hard run and I didn’t feel like I overdid things.

Unfortunately, I had a hard time running for my softball game on Thursday. My legs were still pretty tired from the day before. I requested to play positions that involved less running, so I played third and pitched. By Friday, my legs felt better and I had no trouble getting around, though they were still a bit sort. Saturday was the same way and spending two hours in the heat probably didn’t help.

I woke up this morning and my legs still felt tired. It was a tough situation because my plan was to run today, play softball tomorrow and then run again on Tuesday. However, my legs really felt like they needed a rest. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal; I’d just skip my run and go tomorrow. But I hadn’t run since Wednesday and wouldn’t get a chance to run again until next Tuesday. So I was stuck in a situation where I felt like I needed to rest, but also needed to run.

Eventually, I decided to just do a short 2-mile out and back. If I felt good while I was out there, I would have gone father, but my legs were kind of sore throughout. It was sort of like a recovery run, but I did it 4 days later. Even though I hadn’t done a real run in several days, all of the softball acts somewhat like speed training. I’ll spend the rest of the day resting and hopefully my legs will feel pretty good in the morning and I’ll be back to normal. I was going to do a step back week anyway for my long runs, so I might just skip it entirely. I’ll plan to do 4-5 miles on Tuesday and then more intervals on Thursday. Hopefully, my legs will recover and I’ll be ready for another long run the week after!

Weekly Running Report (7/14-7/20/2014)

I’ve gotten a little behind on my posting, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been running.

I’m considering myself done with my “rest” period following my last half marathon and have moved on to my summer training. I signed up for the gym at work, so I can now do some of my running indoors at the end of the work day. I’m even planning on doing most of my long runs there during the week until it cools off outdoors.

Softball has also picked up. We’re suddenly playing all sorts of games to make up for previous games we had missed because of rain, so I haven’t gotten in as much running as I’d like. I only got to run twice last week, but I expect to do a little better this week, despite having a lot of softball to play. Early in the week I did an 8 mile run on the treadmill which went really well. I felt strong and even made it a 3:1 run. For the last 2 miles, I picked up my speed and was actually going quite fast by the end. I finished in around 1:22.

Saturday I went out to work hills. It didn’t seem too bad out, but I still struggled. I slogged my way through about 5.5 miles, but had to walk a little to keep my heart rate down. Just because I’m done with my “rest” doesn’t mean I’m pushing myself super hard. I still want to have a relatively easy summer.

One of my big plans for the summer is to do a lot more speed work. Even though I didn’t do any this week, I did get in an interval run and a tempo run the week before. I’ve always prefered to do my speed work on a treadmill anyway, so that’s a good fit for the summer when I’ll be doing about 2/3 of my runs indoors.

Weekly Running Report (6/22-6/28/2014)

Two weeks ago was pretty boring, so I didn’t even bother to do a report. This week was at least a little more interesting. I did 3 runs total. Monday was just another short run. Wednesday, I got on the treadmill and did some interval training. I hadn’t been in the workout room in my apartment in several months. Since the weather has gotten nicer, I’ve done all of my running outdoors. Interval training is one of those things I don’t mind doing on a treadmill though.

Last time I was in the workout room, one of the two good treadmills was broken. I figured that in all this time, they would have fixed it. It appears that their solution to the problem of this broken treadmill was just to get rid of it, despite the fact that the treadmills are extremely popular and always in use. In addition, the air conditioning was broken, so the temperature was just as hot as it was outdoors. I was pretty conservative with my intervals. I did half miles at about 9:00/8:30/8:00 minutes per mile. I did pretty well and got through them pretty easily, despite the heat and the fact that a 3.5 mile run has been a non-trivial distance lately.

I had softball on Thursday and Friday. I haven’t gotten to play much, so I’m happy to do it, but I could tell my legs were tired going into Saturday. Speed training on Wednesday plus two days of softball means that I was running a lot at speeds that were higher than I was used to. I could even tell on Friday night when I went to be that my legs were tired. The weather was pretty moderate, but I struggled nonetheless. I made it to 5 miles, but did a little bit of walking near the end. Hopefully, my body has had time to recover and will do a little better next week.

Weekly Running Report (6/8-6/14/2014)

This week was a light week–as planned. After the race on Saturday, I took time to rest and relax and didn’t get out there until Wednesday. My legs felt tired, as expected, so I only ran about 2.5 miles. I got out again on Saturday for 3.5 miles. My legs felt better, but my heart rate was up a bit. I was happy to quit by the time I was finished and was definitely glad to not have to worry about training for anything.

I’ve got another easy week of running scheduled and don’t really plan to do any long or hard runs over the next 3 weeks. Next week I might increase distance a little and I hope to start doing some speed work as well.