Race the Landing Part II tonight

The weather looks pretty nice outside, except for being pretty warm. It looks like the predicted temperatures for race time have gone up by a few degrees this morning and it should be somewhere around 75 degrees at race time. It’s seems relatively dry, though, which is very good news for me. There was a big storm yesterday, which may have taken care of some of the humidity.

I feel reasonably well rested and confident about tonight’s race. I feel like with some better pacing, I should be able to beat last week‘s time. Last week, I went too hard out of the gate. The first mile is probably more downhill than uphill, so I should still have a relatively quick time, but I want to do it about 15-20 seconds slower, which I think should help me to have a better and more enjoyable race. Getting 25:31 last week is pretty convenient, because now I can just set my goal time to a nice, round 25:30. I might not be able to make up that time from the first mile, given the relative difficulty of the course, but that’s fine. It’s certainly a chance I should be willing to take and biology would say that I should do better if I take it a bit easier at the beginning.

Hopefully, I can get another age group award tonight, but at least I can be relatively sure that I’ll get a great meal afterward!

2 thoughts on “Race the Landing Part II tonight

  1. My goal is to remain upright after the race, unlike last Sunday’s fiasco in Providence. I haven’t run since then. I’m bringing red solo cups so we don’t have to drink beer straight from the can.

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